Look Like A Million Bucks In The Casino

Make your next trip to the blackjack table memorable

Designer Shoes

Gentleman’s Gazette

Of course, whether you’re in black tie or semi-formal wear, shoes will make a statement of how serious you are. Tennis shoes are more comfortable, but they’re not what you’ll wear to the swankiest casinos. Don a pair of leather dress shoes, like a fashionable pair from Gucci, and wear your best suit to your next trip to Las Vegas. It’s the perfect outfit for a night out on the town.

Sport Coat

Neiman Marcus

Nowadays, black tie or semi-formal wear aren’t required by the jet-setting crowd. Many high-end casinos look at business casual clothes as perfectly acceptable for its clientele. Men can now ditch the tie in the room, opting for a more comfortable and less restraining get-up. You still want to look good, though, and a sleek and sharp sport coat from Ralph Lauren is the right way to do business casual: smart and stylish.


Khaki Pants And Polo Shirt

Loved For Who You Are
Hundred Dollar Suits

Being part of the millionaire club means wearing fashionable clothes, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear fancy suits all the time. Going casual at the casino means the ultimate in comfort. You’re not in restricting clothes and, best of all, you’ll be relaxed as you gamble the night away. Of course, casual doesn’t mean your beat-up t-shirt that you wear while gardening. Opt for khaki pants and a button-down or polo shirt from Versace.

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