Custom Suit Linings You Should Consider

Add a bit more flare to your luxurious sense of style

3. Natural And Synthetic Linings

Like most fabric, the custom suit lining comes in two general categories of material. Natural and Synthetic. Synthetic materials for suit linings are often Bemberg silk, rayon, acetate, or of course polyester for added comfort. The brands with the greatest quality in both natural and synthetic linings are Acne Studios.

Acne Studios
Acne Studios

4. Quality Linings Move With You And The Jacket

A little-known fact about quality suit linings is that they are intended to move with your body and the jacket. If it snags or if it doesn’t move in accordance with the shell, then perhaps you have a low-quality lining on your hands. Not only is this an indicator that the manufacturer is definitely not a luxury brand, but this is uncomfortable for you, the consumer. Sartoriale and Brioni are the best brands for this.


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