Starbucks’ Milan Roastery Will Blow Your Mind

A luxurious coffee-drinking experience

Not An American Experience

When you travel to another country, you may expect to experience something similar to the Americas. However, the point of traveling to another country is to experience their culture. With the Milan Starbucks Roastery, you get the perfect chance to experience their culture. Milan is dubbed the Coffee Capital and for good reason. Why not grab a cup of better-than-average Joe? Immerse yourself into another culture, kick back and relax.

Pixabay / Couleur

Who’s Idea Was It Anyway?

At this point, it may seem that putting a roastery in the world’s coffee capital should have happened long ago. Italy has a rich history with coffee in general, starting with Angelo Moriondo inventor of the steam-powered Turin coffee machine. While the modern coffee machine is something that we don’t even make a second glance at, this invention like so many others was looked on with both ecstatic surprise as much as a bit of jealousy from Milan’s country of origin: Italy.

Unsplash / Milada Vigerova

Something For Everyone To Love

The Italian espresso bar was a favorite for a long time ago, but it wasn’t invited into the scene when Milan decided to make a roastery in the very city of the coffee capital. Olf fashioned Italian artists of the original barista didn’t praise this burgeoning idea of a new classic. However, with a little prodding, this idea was soon accepted.

Starbucks has stood the test of time since it’s American inception, however, with its new location in Milan it will be able to relive the artistry of coffee drinking of the past where it is not just a drink but an experience in and of itself.

Unsplash / Nick Hillier

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