The Porsche Taycan

Move over Tesla, the Porsche Taycan is shaking up the electric vehicle market.

Performance Priority

Porsche doesn’t disappoint with the Taycan, as this electric-powered vehicle stuns the competition. The high performance from the Taycan rivals octane-fueled vehicles, thanks to its inclusion of a 270-watt lithium battery. Travel from zero to 62 miles per hour in under four seconds flat.

When the Taycan needs charging, an 800-volt fast charging system replenishes depleted batteries to 80% within 15 minutes. If in a pinch, the Taycan can be charged on a household plug or a 400-volt system.

High Voltage

The Porsche Taycan seems to leave Tesla in the dust, as drivers can choose a model with two different battery options. Go for broke with a 95kWh battery for more horsepower, and don’t worry about having to stop and charge because of overheating.

A cooling system for the battery is included to keep this electric-charged car going longer. Performance and ensuring longevity are the top priority of Porsche’s research and development team.

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