The Rolls-Royce Wraith Is One Fabulous Car

This car definitely stands out from the pack

Spirit Of Ecstasy Hood Ornament

The Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament is a signature piece of every Rolls-Royce vehicle. It’s so well-known that people might be tempted to steal them, but that is impossible with the Wraith.

When the Wraith is turned off and locked, the ornament disappears down into the car and a little door closes behind her. The only way to show the ornament again is to restart the car. If for some strange reason someone gets a hold of the ornament while the car is on, it immediately retracts into the car quickly.

Sheepskin Floor Mats

Most cars these days have nylon or other man-made fibers for floor carpeting. With its custom flooring, the Wraith is much more sophisticated than that.

The floor mats for the Wraith are made of real combed shearling sheepskin. The warm English wool will make all passengers literally want to kick off their shoes and relax their feet. In fact, you might just want to take your shoes off before getting in the car. Who wants to dirty up this fabulous sheepskin?

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